We are building a house for people with intellectual disabilities in Śledziejowice

The first house for people with intellectual disabilities in Poland was built in Śledziejowice near Kraków in 1981. The purchase of the building was financed by donations from other similar houses associated in the international L’Arche Federation and the support of Cardinal Franciszek Macharski.

The first residents moved into this small early 20th century building before it even had running water. Soon the house was enlarged and equipped with the necessary means to enable the residents to live with dignity.

Next to the house, in the garage and the outbuilding, the Occupational Therapy Workshop was established, in which the residents started their daily work making candles, icons, and doing various handicrafts. In 2001, the workshop was moved to a new building, fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Then, in 2014, the construction of the new Daycare House was completed. In both of these centres in Śledziejowice, over 60 people with intellectual or physical disabilities, mental disorders, autism spectrum and neurological injuries benefit from daily support.

40 years have now passed since the first house was built, and the residents who found their place in Śledziejowice in the 1980s are already elderly, some are wheelchair-bound, others need a lot of support in everyday life. Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to effectively remove architectural barriers in this old building. Hence, the L’Arche Foundation decided to build a new house that would be fully accessible and friendly to all its residents.

Description of the building project

This is a one-story house that meets the requirements of the regulations on social care homes. The building will consist of two residential segments with a total of 19 rooms and a chapel. Each segment has a separate entrance and a common area: kitchen, dining room and living room with a large terrace, as well as storage areas and technical facilities. All residents will have single rooms with a bathroom and equipment adapted to individual needs. The house will be located in the vicinity of the Occupational Therapy Workshop, so it will be easy for the residents to benefit from various forms of therapy.

  • Building height 7.65m
  • Building length 66.10 m
  • Building bay width 19.77 m
  • Total usable area 778.65 m2


What we have now

  • Building plot
  • Building design
  • Construction permit
  • Construction cost estimates amounting to ca 5 million PLN (ca 1,1 million EUR)


You can support our plans today !


Please transfer donations to support the building project to the bank account of :

Fundacja L’Arche – Wspólnota w Śledziejowicach
Account number: PL86 1240 5080 1111 0000 5197 9865 (PEKAO S.A. O/Wieliczka)

If you are a Polish taxpayer, we are a charity entitled to receive 1% tax (our KRS no: 0000054452, specific donation aim: Śledziejowice).

Postal address:

Fundacja L’Arche
Śledziejowice 336
32-020 Wieliczka
tel.: +48 12 288 24 70
email: sledziejowice@larche.org.pl

Further information can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/sledziejowice.larche/.


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