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Wieliczka and Śledziejowice are the place near Krakow where L’Arche in Poland has started. The first L’Arche house was established here over 35 years ago. Currently, there are 12 people with intellectual disabilities living there together with assistants and volunteers. In Śledziejowice, we run also two day-care centres (Occupational Therapy Workshop and Community Day Centre). There are over 60 people with learning disabilities from the Wieliczka area coming for rehabilitation and therapy.

Resently, we took a a huge challenge to build a new residential house to replace the two existing houses, which cannot meet the needs of our ageing residents (e.g. it is impossible to adapt them for people in wheelchairs). We are looking for funds for building the new house. We are grateful for every donation.

the visualisation of a new house designed for L’Arche Community in Śledziejowice

L’Arche Śledziejowice
Bank account: PL 86 1240 5080 1111 0000 5197 9865, SWIFT: PKOPPLPW

The L’Arche Community in Poznań was established in 1994. In the capital of Wielkopolska region, there are two family-seize houses for 12 people with intellectual disabilities and assistants who support them in everyday life. The costs of maintaining our houses (food, medicines, and assistants employment costs), are only partly covered by regional public subsidies. Hence, the help from individual donnors and companies is extremely important to us. Thanks to them, we can continue supporting the development of our valuable people with learning disabilities who cannot live independently.

The life of L’Arche’s community in Poznań would not have been possible without Donors and Friends who share what they can. Thank you with all our hearts for your financial support!

L’Arche Poznań
Bank account: PL 15 1020 4027 0000 1502 0316 9778,  SWIFT:  BPKOPLPW

L’Arche community in Wrocław started officially in 2003. We run two family-like houses called “Rainbow” and “The Mamre Oak”. There are 13 people with intellectual disabilities and assistants living in these houses. The other 11 people, who prepare for independent living, stay in a sheltered housing complex called “The harbour of Hope”. All of them are supported by the team of assistants. We receive a subsidy for our activities from the local government, but it doesn’t cover all costs. Monthly, we need additional 15000 PLN to pay all running costs. We could not be effective in our activities without the support of our Donors and Friends. Many Thanks to all of You!

L’Arche Wrocław
Bank account: PL 24 1090 1522 0000 0000 5219 2029,  SWIFT: WBKPPLPP

The L’Arche Foundation runs in Warsaw a small family-seize home for people with intellectual disabilities. Our mission is to show the value of these people in the society showed trough mutual relationships of friendship. We are convinced that “a weakness is a gift, an opportunity, and even it is a force that brings people together and releases their goodness.”

We are in Warsaw since 2012 and we provide a real help to adults with various degrees of disability, as well as to their families. A team of assistants and specialists collaborate together for the benefit of people with disabilities living alone or with their families to provide  support and accompaniment in everyday life. We help to sort out administrative issues, assist their medical appointments, support them to find and continue a job. We teach how to use public transport and also how to aattend different cultural events and institutions. In addition, we organize therapeutic classes, workshops and integration meetings for people with disabilities, their families and volunteers.

It’s You who make possible all these good things to happen! Thank you for every donation and support!

L’Arche Warsaw
Bank account: PL 09 2490 0005 0000 4600 8800 1380, SWIFT: ALBPPLPW

Relatively recently, in 2013, a L’Arche seed group was established in Gdynia. Since November 2018, thanks to the positive decision of the International Federation of L’Arche, we have been operating as an official Community Project. Our main goal for the coming months is to furnish and set up our L’Arche house in Gdynia. We started the entire venture several months ago and by the end of 2020 we would like to be up and running, occupying a building where 7 people with intellectual disabilities and their assistants will find their place.

Thanks for your support!


The new house of  L’Arche Community in Gdynia

L’Arche Gdynia
Bank account: PL 50 2490 0005 0000 4600 5720 1784, SWIFT: ALBPPLPW

The pandemic has not only seriously disrupted the life of our communities but also created serious financial challenges. Sales and production of goods from our community workshops have been totally stopped or at least significantly slowed down and hampered. The communities were forced to cancel annual collections and concerts, the revenue from which we were counting on when we were planning the current budget. In addition, the costs of purchasing cleaning and disinfection materials  has shot up. Unfortunately, this applies to L’Arche communities in all countries.

Thank you for your support!

L’Arche Foundation
Bank account: PL 18 2490 0005 0000 4500 5472 5223, SWIFT: ALBPPLPW

Thank you for your support!